Everything was an hour’s drive away in New Mexico. Radio, particularly both entertaining and informative programs, became my bastion of sanity. After I graduated with a degree in theatre and communications, I took to the modern air waves on iTunes with Biggest Fan Podcast. Soon after, I began working with Garrett Weinzierl to produce StarCast: The StarCraft Podcast. Amove.tv has continued to grow, and I now host Into the Nexus.


Video games are ultimately about fun and escapism. In competitive multiplayer where winning is the ultimate goal, it can be difficult to find that balance. While Heroes of the Storm has gotten rid of many of the mechanics that complicate other MOBAs, it’s important to understand why they evolved. I’ve been playing and helping others discover the fun of MOBAs for over thirteen years. While getting friends and family into video games is easier than ever, new players constantly face hostility or overly complicated guides. A proper teacher understands his student’s skill level and the history of the game that he teaches while helping the student find the most important ways to improve.


I work as a freelance Ghostwriter with over 250 published and very secret works, mostly biographies and nonfiction articles. While I am dyslexic, my wife, Kristen Ashton, is a brilliant editor who helps me spell real well. When it came time to create publicly available writing samples, I chose to feature my knowledge of Dungeons & Dragons.