2 Hour Heroes Private Workshop

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Coaching Colored Square.jpg

2 Hour Heroes Private Workshop


A one on one scheduled workshop perfect for active players from any league.

  • 5 Replays Reviewed

  • Hotslogs Review

  • 2 hour workshop via Skype

  • 1080p 60fps record of the lesson

  • Detailed notes including links to any referenced resources
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The Into the Nexus Podcast and Solo Q&A stream will always be free, but I may not cover the exact problems you're facing in game. Ordering a private lesson allows me to give you my undivided attention to whatever ails you.

Need help with a certain hero? Sure!

Can't figure out a particular map? No problem!

Unsure how to improve your game? Absolutely!

Before we meet, I will review your Hotslogs.com account, replays and any other information you provide so we can make the most of our hour together. 


What happens in a typical lesson?

The lesson structure is unique based on your skill level and individual goals. Everyone wants to win more, and for some, this is accomplished by reviewing your replays together. For others, the time is better spent in game working on mechanics, positioning and control. If this is your first lesson, expect to spend time discussing your draft roster and overall map win rates.


What happens after I place my order?

I will contact you within 24 hours at the email you provided to confirm the appointment. Depending on your request, I may ask you to send me a few replays or try a certain build before our lesson. 


Do I have to have a HOTS Logs account to have a lesson?

No. HOTS Logs pulls data from thousands of users and will already have some information on your profile. By making an account and running the uploader, you ensure that information is accurate. An updated account helps me diagnose your play style before we even meet, saving us time in the lesson. Register for an account here.


Can I order a lesson with a non-US account?

Yes, but I will be operating with a substantially smaller heroes pool for the lesson. In most cases, this shouldn't affect the lesson quality.


Why Skype?

Since the game does not support multiple people viewing a single replay, Skype Screen Share is the next best thing.


What Heroes are best to work on?

Any Hero you're passionate about playing. Purchasing a lesson for Heroes like Raynor, Lili or Muradin will help grow your mechanical skills across all Heroes, whereas a lesson with Abathur, Murky or Brightwing will focus more on their unique styles.